Friday, March 30, 2007

On the road to becoming a Broker

Well I just got my education evaluation back from our state real estate board. I only have 90 more hours of education left to get my license. My next goal is to have this done by end of summer. I am forming my own real estate team within our agency (probably in the next 60 days)... and will be hiring my first assistant(in the next 2 weeks) I can not wait to have someone help me with the administrative stuff so I can focus on growing my business:)

On another note, I went to our weekly meeting this week with Ignite. Presley Swagerty was our guest speaker. He is awesome! Coming from a dirt poor background it is amazing how he has developed a extremely successful business with network marketing... Namely Ignite Powered by Stream Energy. From my understanding he has not had any network marketing experience before... and is making around $250,000 a month.... over $100K comes from residual income off electric bills. Thats amazing! Getting paid month after month on something he did once. He's been in the business for little over 2 years and is our #1 money earner in Ignite. I am blessed to have him in my upline and be able to use his inspiration to help guide and lead me through.


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