Sunday, September 23, 2007

I've come full circle at the TSD Homecoming Event

Well this weekend I had a booth at the TSD Homecoming Event. This is my third year to attend the festivities as a vendor... promoting my real estate business to the deaf community. I saw an old friend that I hadn't seen a really long time and it made me realize how full circle I have become. My friend in this photo (I will keep his name anonymous for his privacy) is the very first deaf person I ever met. We were lab partners in my Life Science class at Travis Jr. High School in Conroe. Mr. Lee was our science teacher and was a bit of a crazy guy but fun never the less. Me and my deaf friend had an instant connection to each other that really stuck with me throughout Jr. High and High School. Back then we spoke to each other through his interpreter, Pat and I knew very little sign language but we some how were able to communicate as any other teenager would.

It was because of my friend and my interest in sign language that I decided to get into a career that had something to do with the deaf community. Right out of high school, I got a job working at the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin, TX. What a wonderful experience it was for me. Although I don't miss working for the state.... I do miss all the opprotunities I had to touch the lives of deaf children and the great people I worked with at TSD. I had the experience recently to run into on of my former students.... He said, "You remember when...." It was touching that after all these years, he would remember some activity that I provided him.

After working at TSD for 10 years, I moved on to other things and eventually worked full time as a free lance interpreter. Which I do on occasion still today. And now as a real estate professional, I am still touching the lives of deaf people through providing services with no communication barriers. And as I saw my friend this weekend, I thought to myself... it is because of him that I am able to do that. So here is my thank you to my friend.....

TSD's Homecoming event is such a great place for deaf people to get together.... although technology such as text messaging and video phones have closed the gap in distance for deaf people to feel connected.... there is nothing like having a place for them all to get together and see old friends. I am pleased that TSD year after year still continues to provide these opportunities for the deaf community to come together. I hope the will continue to come up with new and inovative ways to bring the community closer and closer together. Keep up the good job!

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