Monday, March 12, 2007

Brand new week!

Well's a brand new week... and I for one am excited for it! Yesterday I went out to my partner's parent's property on Lake Travis. They recently purchased a lot out there that needs to be cleared so I helped with some of the mowing. This will be a beautiful piece when we're done with it. Almost 3 acres on lake front! Can't wait to have some cookouts and some camp outs there!

The lack of water has me concerned though... My father owns a lot 2 lots down from this one and has been out there for 3 years. This is the lowested I have ever seen the lake levels. Makes you think if there is something to this global warming thing. We're hope for some rain in the next month or two... so we'll have enough water to enjoy the summer.

We'll I'm off to start my work week. Gotta go sell some houses! Make people's dreams come true!


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